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White Hat SEO is a group of correct practices both at a practical and ethical level with which you want to achieve an improvement in the web positioning of an online portal. It is the concept totally opposite to what is known as Black Hat SEO, which implements techniques and strategies that are not suitable for both a brand and the user experience.

It shares with its antonym the intention of achieving greater visibility and presence of a web page based on improving its positioning, although it avoids by all means resorting to doubtful and unethical practices. To do this, it focuses on getting content that is of high quality and interesting for the target audience, as well as forging good relationships with users and other portals, since they can make natural backlinks that grant authority and the consequent push in SERPs .

Following the White Hat SEO maxims implies, in addition to that search for quality, having a clean and well-organized HTML code on the web, as well as having an attractive design that offers the best user experience. The latter helps greatly reduce the bounce rate , something that improves visits and, therefore, positioning.

It is based on 3 simple pillars, but it requires a lot of effort and work from the SEO Agencies. That trio is just the basis of all the correct SEO strategies currently being carried out.

What is White Hat SEO for?

White Hat SEO serves to win search engine positions with good and ethical methods. In addition to that, since it places special emphasis on having a website with the correct code, on enjoying an attractive and practical design and, finally, on offering quality content; It helps to improve both the image of the brand and the user experience.

It grants a double benefit to both parties since, in addition to improving visibility based on having a better position in the SERPs, it offers the best to the consumer. In fact, the latter also encourages the generation of more leads and customers.

White Hat SEO Example

Engine Finder a SEO client of ours, is as an example of White Hat SEO. Currently it receives around 700 enquiries per month and around 10 000 Visitors per month. There are 3 types of traffic a website can receive. Social – through social media channels e.g. Facebook. Via paid google ads or via organic search (which is the goal of White Hat SEO). The latter is a preffered method of targeted traffic.