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Web Design is that activity consisting of planning, designing, maintaining and creating web pages. It moves away from the more traditional term of design in that it encompasses a wide variety of different aspects, such as the design of the interface, the design of the graphic material or even the user experience with the site.

It is the main discipline to take into account when setting up a website, since it depends on the degree of usability of the website and improvement for the visitor. If he does not receive a pleasant experience, with adequate interactivity, information architecture , navigability and usability, he will probably move to the competition or not take full advantage of what the page offers. It is also one of the elements that always tries to fight against the rebound rate .

There are many more points that depend on web design, such as the conversion rate , the number of impressions or even the organic search engine positioning. For SEO, in fact, design is one of the most important elements, since it can determine to what extent a website is of quality in the eyes of search engines such as Google.

At present, it is one of the most demanded disciplines and one of the points in which greater emphasis is placed within any company. The presence on the Internet is essential, and design is one of the most decisive points in this area.

What is Web Design for?

Web Design serves to offer users an adequate, smooth and attractive experience when moving through a page on the Internet. It is something capable of transmitting the image of a brand and its message, while showing the degree of commitment of a firm for the good experience of its consumers.

A good design, in addition, is capable of responding well to the needs of the current public, as well as marking the presence of a firm on the network, helping in its positioning to achieve greater reach and visibility.

Web Design Examples

My digital marketing agency, Sprout Online offer web design services for all interested customers. To think about more concrete cases that serve as an example, we can even think about the appearance of our main website, The distribution of its contents and the presentation of them are proposed in order to facilitate navigation for visitors, so they can quickly access where they want.