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Friendly URLs, also known as semantic URLs, are those addresses that are easy for users to understand thanks to their structure and shape. They move away from the classics, also known as dynamic, because they do not incorporate strange signs or numbers, always trying to throw key information so that anyone can understand the content they host on the page to which they direct.

They are something that has gained special relevance due to the considerable improvement in the user experience they achieve, in addition to the impact they have on SEO and the positive influence in the eyes of the main search engines. They are used with a double purpose that only brings benefits to the web that owns them, and they are already one of the key points of good web design practices.

Since these are addresses that can be easily memorized, they allow, for example, users entering a web page to remember the exact address without problems or even share them with friends by reciting them from memory. This, if instead of using friendly Url, were tried with the traditional ones, it would be infinitely more complicated.

A change that is already standard within and even outside the web. Thanks to these easy-to-remember and even aesthetic directions, their use in pamphlets or brochures impacts less and is even more useful. They have gained special importance on the Internet as we know it today.

What are friendly urls for?

Friendly URLs serve to improve the positioning of a website, since Google rewards those who have simple addresses and who follow these principles of ease to remember. Also, they make special sense when it comes to facilitating the type of content that is discussed in them or even when it is shared with other people.

With a more refined aesthetic, they also work when it comes to transmitting a good brand image. A company that cares about using friendly Url and, in addition, applying this concept with good judgment, is one that knows well how to move around the network today.

Friendly Url Examples

As examples of friendly Url we can think of many web pages that we have available throughout the Internet. We can think of the case of Sprout Online, our digital marketing agency, and any of the sections it has. If we enter for example in the SEO positioning section, we see that the URL is: